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Revive will be releasing three vintage FUCT tees which were originally created and dropped in the 1990's. On each tee you'll find one of Erik Brunetti's classic streetwear designs. For this series, each shirt is limited to 50 available per style. The t-shirts will be sold exclusively at Revive.

This kicks off the first run of FUCT 90's reprints, featuring: Horned Hand, The Warriors, and It's Too Late to Recycle Box Logo.

The tees will be released this Friday, May 20th at Noon EST.

Horned Hand 

The original horned hand design, a parody and antithesis of the infamous "Peace hand" was created in 1991-92. It is red, white, blue and black with white outline around entire design and FUCT bar logo underneath. The brand has released various renditions of the hand tee over the years, but stopped producing the original mid to late 90's. This is the first since that time. The original horned hand design was produced on 4 different tee colors only.

The horned hand is a registered trademark of FUCT.

It's Too Late To Recycle

"It's too late to recycle" is one of many anti-campaign slogans the brand produced during the 1990's. The infamous red bar with white text were parodic jabs at the politically correct slogans of New York artist, Barbara Kruger.

The Warriors 

The Warriors image (amongst other 60's 70's and 80's movie stills printed on garments), became familiar to the viewer and consumer collective cultural memory of shared experiences, bringing in a new genre of graphic design in fashion. FUCT never presented these movie stills as their own, but rather created a dialogue with its consumers through the aforementioned image reappropriation.

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