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Fall Highlight: Visvim

As we start moving into the cooler months, we thought it would be appropriate to shed some light on a few key pieces everyone should have in their closet for the Fall/Winter season. Our brand of choice this week is Visvim. We've featured three pieces below: the Thorson Jacket, Damaged 04 Social Sculpture Denim, as well as the Light Indigo Border Tee. Read on to learn more about each item.

Visvim Thorson Jacket

The Visvim Thorson Jacket, a favorite of ours, is made in Japan with extra attention to detail (a given when talking about Visvim). Crafted with Italian Nylon, Merino Wool ribbing and a sleeve pocket made with Swiss RiRi zippers, this jacket has a texture and quality unlike any bomber we've carried before.

Visvim Light Indigo Border Tee

A shirt that encapsulates style and comfort, the Visvim Light Indigo Border Tee (also made in Japan) is slim fitting, Indigo dyed, 100% cotton, and features a soft rayon collar with a back button tab on the neckline. Beautifully tailored, this shirt is perfect for everyday.

Visvim Damaged 04 Social Sculpture Denim

Visvim's dedication to craftsmanship and detail is not lost on this denim. Made in Japan on vintage looms, the Social Sculpture Denim is damaged washed, featuring a German Elk Leather Waist Patch, a clean slim fit, and a lightweight texture more sustainable than most selvaged jeans. This photo series features our very own Julian Fetterman, who is styled with a pair of Visvim Decoy Duck Boots and a Visvim Indigo Dyed Lhamo.


Ready to get the look? Click here to shop Visvim at our online store.

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