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We have received our first delivery of Whiz Limited for the season and we're very excited. Whiz Limited started back in 2003 with designer Hiroaki Shitano. Hiroaki started in a time where the street scene had a very basic mainstream look. His brand follows the concept of "individual clothing," which at its core is rooted in design conscious fashion.


Whiz Limited's impressive collections season after season have resulted in some of the best garments in men's fashion to date. Hiroaki's products represent Tokyo all over. The designer suggests the reason "Whiz" is "Limited" is due to the development of totally different collections each season.

Whiz Limited 2L Nylon Zip Up Jacket

This jacket is perfect for the spring season. YKK Japanese zippers throughout with a thicker 2L cotton body front. The sleeves and back are a lightweight nylon making it sporty and functional for everyday wear. 

Whiz Limited Button Up Jackets

The button up jackets are a perfect twist on a traditional military jacket. The fabric and weight are incredible, while the diagonal button and mixed colors complement each other perfectly.

Whiz Limited Zip Up Hoodie Stressed Sleeves

The stressed sleeve zip up hoodie is made from a beautiful, comfortable cotton with just the right amount of stressing throughout. The double zippers are a great touch, along with the minimal Whiz Limited branding. It is extremely important not to over-stress clothing, and when distressing is done right, the resulting garments are something special you cannot achieve from regular wear.


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