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Sale season is in full swing, which is great news for broke boys and people who hate paying retail in general. Granted, plenty of sale prices are still expensive, but at least they’re not prohibitively expensive, which makes a grail piece all the more obtainable.

Right now they’re slashing prices from labels like COMME des GARCONS, Rick Owens and Raf Simons at up to 60% off – and there are plenty of goodies left in stock in various sizes. Here are the 10 best items to buy right now.

FUCT SSDD F Oval Pullover Hoodie

Retail price: $200

Sale price: $80

Why you should cop: A classic streetwear logo flip, Erik Brunetti’s reinterpretation of a certain car company’s logo feels even more ironic since you’d be copping it a stone’s throw away from Motor City (that’s Detroit, FYI).

Komakino Padded Parka

Retail price: $1,275

Sale price: $510

Why you should cop: Sometimes you just have to ascribe to the school of “buy now; wear later.” It might not make sense to buy a padded coat when it’s summer, but with newer versions shipping into stores soon, you can cop this fishtail parka for a reasonable price, and keep it on ice until it gets reasonably chilly. Or book a vacation to a place like Iceland…where you’d legit need something warm.

Raf Simons Cashmere Archives Hoodie

Retail price: $880

Sale price: $352

Why you should cop:New-school fashion enthusiasts were put onto Raf Simons’ existence when his collaborative collection with Sterling Ruby was rocked by hip-hop artists and fuccbois alike. His take on the zip hoodie is made from a luxurious cashmere with an off-kilter graphic placement on the back, so it’s sort of like the thing you wear when you want other heads to know it’s Raf, without rocking something that screams super designer.

UNDERCOVER x Carhartt Pant

Retail price: $465

Sale price: $186

Why you should cop:Carhartt’s actually based in Detroit, so this one’s another piece with a unique Michigan connection. Jun Takahashi reimagines the durable duck canvas work pant with a side seam that juts out and promotes an overall slim silhouette. And at 60% off, owning an UNDERCOVER piece just became all the more possible.

Rick Owens DRKSHDW Level Tee

Retail price: $380

Sale price: $228

Why you should cop:Dark lords of the summer rejoice. Rick Owens’ elongated tees aren’t for everybody, but they have a dedicated following for the ones who’ve chosen to serve men’s fashion’s resident antihero. This Italian-made long T-shirt features paneled construction and the trademark seam that runs along the back, which kind of looks like a super narrow spine, if you’re into that.

Ganryu Pattern Shirt

Retail price: $315

Sale price: $189

Why you should cop:Ganryu is a CdG sub-brand that focuses on a mix of reimagined workwear and cerebrally designed essentials. This long-sleeve tee falls into the latter category. At first, it looks like a run-of-the-mill block-print graphic tee, then you realize each contrasting white and navy square is actually stitched onto the shirt. So if you’re the type who nerds out over tiny details, you should be all over it.

Raf Simons Classic Velcro Sneaker Extreme Sole

Retail price: $1,100

Sale price: $440

Why you should cop:Raf Simons’ footwear has taken inspiration from astronaut suits to the Nike Vandal. This super clean silhouette has a Vibram ripple sole and tonal velcro straps on a white leather upper. Priced at around the retail of his adidas collaborations, it may be ideal for designer-infatuated sneakerheads to step up to the real deal.

Gosha Rubchinskiy Denim Jacket

Retail price: $500

Sale price: $200

Why you should cop:Gosha Rubchinskiy just showed what we dubbed “his most accessible collection ever” over in Pitti Uomo. This reworked denim jacket is a combination of a classic trucker and a blue collar mechanic’s jacket. The low-key tan is balanced out by rave-appropriate neon-contrast stitching, and the boxy fit means it’ll allow for some interesting layering.

OAMC Underlayer Shirt

Retail price: $450

Sale price: $180

Why you should cop:If you’ve always aspired to the “rare hemlines” look but couldn’t be bothered to wear multiple layers, this OAMC shirt does it for you. A solid gray poplin made of Italian-double-twisted cotton features a contrasting buffalo check fabric peeking out from underneath, resulting in a hybrid of classic workwear and futuristic minimalism.

UNDERCOVER Wool Overcoat

Retail price: $1,100

Sale price: $440

Why you should cop:It’s straight impossible to find an UNDERCOVER coat at a reasonable price, and it’s crazy that this gem is just sitting on the site. Another thing to cop now and wear when the weather catches up, this double-breasted Jun Takahashi masterpiece stands out because of its frayed edges and “swaggy IT guy” plastic front chest bubble.

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