Camp High Spy Dye™ Counselor Crew (Indigo Blue) – REVIVE
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Camp High Spy Dye™ Counselor Crew (Indigo Blue)

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Camp High Counselor John Mayer has designed the ultimate in cozy cleverness: SPY DYE™. Inspired by his love of wearing a tie dye tee as a base layer, we've joined forces to make a sweatshirt with just a peek of a tie-dye shirt sewn in both around the neckline and at the waist.

Expertly measured to give you the perfect amount of ready-layered bliss, SPY DYE™ makes sure your stacking game is right every time. 

- 100% cotton 22 oz combed French Terry

- 100% cotton 1x1 heavy rib

- Flocked logo

- Stash pocket at side seam

- Shrinkage included

- Made in California

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