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Hiroshi Fujiwara is a creative director, musician and record producer from Japan, as well as the first hip hop DJ in his country. Hiroshi is like a modern-day cultural agitator busy on all fronts, a figure who in a variety of manners mixes sophisticated inspirations and signs from contemporary life with pop references and visionary clairvoyance.

A creative who combines streetwear and culture consistently. His collection for Moncler Genius can be summed up in his very personal way of combining references and elements borrowed from a variety of areas, and interpreting them with acumen together with his own independent take, giving them a unitary status. Through the mosaic of Fragment, Fujiwara has revisited the Moncler DNA in keeping with his own eclectic parameters and imagination. The collection has been divided in two parts, each of them launched on the market singularly in two different moments: June and December.

The first launch in June is all about the designer music references with a metropolitan take. The word (and the world) Backstage dominates on a long coat, in both versions beige and black, written on the back of several jackets as well. Detachable stickers bears the words Moncler Fragment.

The padded iconic Moncler fabric is mixed up with jeans jacket and appears in a suit as a protagonist. Like a canvas where the colors are all blended together, mixed up and liquefied, interwoven and overlapping, the collection features deep, evocative reflections and a color palette of white, a dusty hue and an exquisite jade green, with tartan motifs inspiration completely reinvented.